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Specialty Elastomer Die Cut Fabric Reinforced Diaphragms

DiaCom Corporation has been producing highly engineered fabric reinforced diaphragms since 1983. These diaphragms are produced double coat and single coat. Our unique process gives us the ability to produce single coat and double coat molded diaphragms and flat diaphragms not utilizing calendared or coated sheet stock.

For decades, double coat flat diaphragms were produced from calendared or coated fabric sheet stock. This is fine for low-cost materials at high volume. However, it becomes extremely costly to produce these using exotic materials like FKM, Fluorosilicone, Silicone or any other specialty elastomer. Combine that with high cost Nomex fabric and the calendared materials become cost prohibitive. There are also high minimum buys on these specialty coated fabrics if you can even find someone that is willing to calendar these materials.

Fortunately, DiaCom can produce these flat diaphragms without utilizing coated fabric. Our proprietary double coat molding process does not utilize coated fabric. The Diacom double coat process applies a near equal layer of elastomer to each side of the fabric. Because we are molding the elastomers and fabrics together, we do not utilize calendared or coated fabrics in our process. There are also no minimum buys for our diaphragms utilizing this process. We can produce these flat diaphragms to virtually any thickness down to .020" thick.

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Double Coat Die Cut Fabric Reinforced Diaphragms



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