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DiaCom Corporation

A leading international provider of innovative, cost-effective
moulded rubber diaphragm solutions.

Why Choose DiaCom Corporation?

DiaCom is an industry-leading provider of innovative, cost-effective moulded rubber diaphragm solutions that are critical to the operation of essential systems and equipment in: Industrial, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical instrumentation, and Food and water processing applications. Our reputation for solving the toughest sealing problems are based on our superior quality management system, our engineering expertise, and advanced manufacturing capabilities. DiaCom’s commitment to quality is reflected in our latest AS9100 2016 and ISO 9001 2015 Certifications. We are constantly striving for continuous improvement. The AS-9100 standard implements a strong focus on product quality, process control, and product conformity to specification. By encompassing our Engineering expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities, DiaCom is able to deliver engineered rubber diaphragm solutions that are unsurpassed in performance. DiaCom uses our core expertise of bonding industrial fabrics, fluorinated films, plastics and metals to our custom engineered elastomers in a variety of moulded parts including: fabric reinforced diaphragms, moulded diaphragms, rolling diaphragms, diaphragm seals, chemical septums, bellows, accumulators, valve plungers and valve seats.

News & Events

DiaCom Corporation has created a new Diaphragm Measurement Guide

The Guide will be an invaluable aid to our customers to ensure the same methods used at DiaCom’s Quality Department are used when measuring parts at their facilities. This will help to alleviate discrepancies and greatly increase accuracy.

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Fabric Reinforced Diaphragms

This is a type of diaphragm construction where there is rubber in the high pressure side and fabric on the low pressure side.

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Double Coat Diaphragm

This is a type of diaphragm construction where the fabric is inserted between two layers of rubber.

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Fabair Diaphragm

The Fab•Air Diaphragm is made from a composite elastomer material with a proprietary fiber dispersed throughout the elastomer.

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Elastomeric Tefelon

DiaCom's unique process and construction produce a diaphragm that is compatible with harsh environments without limiting the life and responsiveness of the diaphragm.

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